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Emily Shaw, NP

Specialist In:

Perinatal and postpartum depression

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Substance use disorders.

    About Emily

    Emily Shaw is a Columbia trained psychiatric nurse practitioner who specialises in perinatal and postpartum depression and anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance use disorders. While she has had extensive training in child/adolescent psychiatry, she has worked with patients across the lifespan.

    Emily’s approach consists of psychotherapy complemented with psychopharmacology. Recognising that each client has individual needs, she will work with you to understand

    and identify your best course of treatment.

    Having worked at various hospitals from Connecticut and New Orleans to New York City, Emily has experience treating a range of populations for mental health conditions.

    She has led therapy groups and administered medications for adult patients with chronic pain and substance use disorders, assisted in the evaluation and treatment of adolescents with mood and psychotic disorders, and has served as a psychopharmacology consultant in an outpatient psychiatry setting with primary care physicians and specialists.

    Emily’s practice is located at Integrative Psych in the Chelsea district.

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